Things I’ve Done That I’m Not Supposed To: first in a series

OK, so everybody’s got a different idea of what the right precautions are to avoid general gastrointestinal distress around here. I am proud to say that I have chosen to disregard many of these snippets of advice, with (as yet) no adverse effects. Specifically, they say DON’T:

Drink anything with ice cubes. Clearly, they don’t realize how hot it is here, or that the original recipe for Red Bull exists here and nowhere else. I’ve had about 4 Red Bulls with ice cubes, not to mention several iced coffees (both with chipped and cubed ice). Yummy, refreshing, and totally fine.

Eat at street carts. Best Pad Thai I’ve ever had.

Drink fresh squeezed juice. How they get juice that sweet and yummy out of those teensy weensy little oranges is totally beyond me, but mmmmmmm, it’s so delicious.

More debunking of gastronomical restrictions ahead, I promise. Right now, it’s time for a beer!


  1. Rob

    That’s one of the things that we always told new missionaries coming into the field when I was in Guatemala. You’ll get sick no matter what advice you follow. Basically we told them, don’t do anything stupid like drink from a well that has been dug right next to a latrine, but forget about “trying” not to get sick. Just the difference in food itself will make you run to the bathroom at least ONE day while you’re there.

  2. tinki67

    So glad to see your enjoying wonderful Thailand…the land of smiles. Ive been laughing at your comments about eating everything.Yes, you are safe to have drinks with ice in, street markets are safe too. But I beg of you, don’t eat the oysters. I ended up hospitalised cos of those babies and am now unable to eat them ever again, as my body screams out POISON!!!!
    Take care sweetie Tinki x

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