Diver Down!

And a big friendly greeting to you all from lovely Koh Tao, one of the best SCUBA destinations in the world! I’m here doing some diving at Buddha View on the south coast, which may be the most idyllic place I’ve ever seen…

Picture the ideal tropical island. Lush, verdant rainforested hillsides rise from perfect blue water, capped here and there with gently sloping rock formations. Scatter bungalows on the hillsides and hammocks along the beach. Add sun shine by day and a lovely breeze at night. picture a large bay with calm, warm water to swim in and subtract all jellyfish, tiger and white shark. Got it? Are you sighing yet? That’s where I am. My bungalow is about 1 minute from the water, 2 minutes from the dive center, and miles and miles from any pollution and bustle. Power is only on from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and people smile all day long. I can’t wait to see some of the dive sites – which begins tomorrow.

My only fear at this point is I’ll never leave here. I’ve still got all of Vietnam and a lot remaining in Thailand and Lao to see. Odds, anyone? I guess it all depends on how badly sunburnt I get and whether I wind up with the bends…

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  1. stephen

    oh how terrible! the heat must be too much! and the hammock, how it chafes! It chafes!

    Shit, that was the best I could do. The power restraint sounds interesting, I suppose you don’t need any gameboys or food processors or televisions when you’re on a thai island. Well, sucks to be you my dear.

    Ok, not really.
    Enjoy, say hi to the fishes, and I look forward to the pictures and your next post. If you don’t leave, I will come to you with a bottle of veuve and a big smile. 😛

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