Many thanks to Stephen for producing the new header graphic (4 months late, but better late than never, I suppose…). Now, if only I could make everything work properly again. I’m telling you, 3 months without touching stylesheets and I’m a wreck. If anyone can figure out how to make the location (currently in the sidenav) appear beside the header graphic, I’ll buy you a beer when I get to wherever you are. And if anyone notices something wonky about the way the header looks, please let me know – I’ve only got one browser (IE) and one platform (Windows ME) to test on.

In other news, I’m suffering today. Spent last night out with Dave (the man to see in Bangkok if you dig diving) and several friends from Spain and Holland. There was dinner and there was beer, which seems innocuous enough. But then, the guys who lived further afield realized the trains were no longer running (they stop at midnight) so we all might as well have a drink. I lost count after the 4th Pina Colada at the ladyboys’ van. [sigh]

Have I mentioned the ladyboys? All around Khao San Road and the road that circles the temple, there are VW vans that have been transformed into rolling bars. My favourite of these is operated by 3 of the loveliest ladies I’ve seen in some time. You should have seen their Christmas outfits: red satin and white fantasy-fur minidresses, Santa hats, the whole enchilada. Bless them. All I can say is thank God the Thai authorities have cracked down and all the bars are required to close at 2, otherwise I might not ever have made it home…