things i’ve learned in london so far

1. Night buses rock.

2. Getting a bank account in the United Kingdom without a credit history, regardless of your nationality, is an adventure into the deepest circles of hell, yea verily. It’s a Sisyphean cycle of procuring letters of reference and documents addressed to you at various places and confirmations that the documents addressed to you were sent by the people you claim sent them and so on and so forth until you really think you might just break down and cry right there in the lobby. An example:

she: Do you have proof of address?
me: Yes, it’s in this letter from the BBC.
she: No, that won’t work. We need a bank statement that’s addressed to you.
me: But that’s why I’m here, to get a bank account. So unless you give me one, I can’t have statements addressed to me.
she: Yes.
[long, awkward pause while we stare at one another]
me: Right, you’ve been very helpful. [Exit]

3. There are not one, but two positions in Cricket with the word “silly” in them (Silly Mid On and Silly Mid Off, if you must know). Actually, there’s a whole section of the field referred to as “silly”. This from the same game that can go on for up to three days (!), but always breaks for tea.

Truly, London is a magical place. And the lights in Soho are lovely.