A group of people sick to death of the rollercoaster of fundamentalist manifestos have formed to refocus themselves (and whoever wants to join them). The Manifesto Group seeks to ‘reclaim the questioning and creative spirit of the Enlightenment, particularly the idea that human beings can make their own history.’ Bravo, I say.

It’s hard sometimes to remember that choosing your philosophy isn’t a multiple-choice thing, even though that’s obviously true. We’re all surrounded by (mass media) voices all the time, but doesn’t it seem like all the voices are saying more or less the same things? They fall into a few camps, but there’s not nearly as much variation as one might hope. Even on this here magickal interweb, most of the prevalent philosophies can be loosely classified in the same terms: liberal, conservative, fundamentalist, and crazy talk. Of course that doesn’t mean that each of us can’t have our own way of reading the world, and of course that way can be as optimistic and active or passive and pragmatic as we like. But it’s good to be reminded. And it’s even better to see people taking the initiative to bring others along with them.

So, again: bravo.