the art school annex

So one of the many fun things about dinner last night was the little art class we had at the bar. Stephen explained to me that in art school they make you draw things really fast, in one continuous line and without looking at your paper. When I tried this technique I got a blob that at best might be called abstract. When actually allowed to look (albeit not for very long) at the page – but still without lifting pen from paper, I came up with something slightly better. But my favorite thing I came up with was this.

Stephen’s always griping about wanting to make better use of negative space, so I made him draw me in 8 lines, even though what I really meant was 8 strokes. And finally, he drew one of the windows of my soul.

What’s next? Who knows? Macrame, maybe. Or knitting. We could make Molly teach us to knit.

Speaking of Molly, she’s sick. Tell her to get well.