Sources, I hear, have issued heightened terrorism warnings in Thailand, specifically for the Full Moon Party on Ko Pagnan, which is just about the biggest and best collection of drunken, drugged, oversexed, underdressed, debauched Westerners an Islamic militant could possibly wish for. I am pleased to announce that I will not be in attendance – not really because of the terrorism warnings, per se (although that does provide another very good reason) but rather because it just doesn’t sound like all that much fun. Instead, I will be trekking around Northwestern Thailand for the next 3 days, then living in the lap of luxury in Bangkok for Christmas, and once Stephen heads back to the States (no luck extending the trip), it’s off to Ko Tao for some quiet time with the fishies. Worry not, ye terrorist-fearing friends! Ko Tao, although a lovely idyllic island, is known for its excellent SCUBA diving and not, mercifully, for the biggest parties this side of pretty much anywhere.

Feel better? Me too.