What’s all this, then?

[Disclaimer: This is the personal blog of Louisa Heinrich. If you’re looking for my professional opinion on something, this isn’t the place. Try louisaheinrich.com or weareallsuperhuman.com. Nothing here should be misconstrued as representing my company, employers, coworkers or clients.]

Hi there. I’m Louisa. I live in London, Berlin and Ann Arbor. I travel a lot. I like food and drink, just like all good people. I have a cat. I am a geek. I am also a lapsed¬†superhero.¬† This is where I write about stuff that’s not related to my working life.

I started my first blog on geocities in 1996 or so, and have held this domain since around 2000. At various times I’ve stopped writing and eventually I felt so guilty about it that I shut the thing down entirely. But then I discovered I missed it, so here we are. Big up Matt Patterson for bringing the content back from the purgatory of long-outdated and unsupported blogging software.

If something here tickles you and you want to tell me about it, you can reach me at louisa [at] this domain.