what’s with the superhero?

Glad you asked.

Last year sometime, I was engaged in a rather lengthy email exchange with the fabulous Major Generalist and our mutual friend, to whom I’d been privately referring for years as Captain Rational. My little nickname slipped out through my loudmouth fingers, and he was delighted. This of course led us to observe that our nicknames make us sound like some kind of demented superhero gang. Thus was born the Metismorphosis. Metis, from the Greek for mind, and morphosis for the transformative power of reason.

Not long after, the Major told us about this artistic genius friend of hers, and asked did we fancy having him take a stab at drawing us. We did indeed, and after several rounds of discussion about backstories, costuming and props, there we were in living colour. Behold:

The Metismorphosis

So who is Custom Deluxe, then? (Captain Rational helped with the story, so credit where it’s due…)

Thousands of years ago, she was a warrior goddess, worshipped in the jungles of the Amazon. Blood sacrifice was the ritual method of the age, and while she appreciated the adulation of her followers, she grew weary of the decapitations and gore. She saw the potential of a world translated into a truer version of itself, and took on this persona to activate the change. Her power is transformation through truth – she possesses the ability to unravel evil through her vision. This vision sees through what evil presents itself to be and exposes what lies at its heart, transforming that into beauty if beauty there is, and kicking its ass if there’s not. Her eyes see beauty wherever it lies, no matter how deeply hidden; they see the truth in each moment. Her tools are the transforming smoke of her cigarette, and the martini that encourages bonhomie and openness.

So there you have it.


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