No excuses this time. OK, I’m lying. It’s time for excuses again. It has been nuts around here, honest, ask anyone – and what with the large stroke of bad luck followed by the potentially larger stroke of good luck, I’ve been pulled in all directions for the past several weeks. I won’t bother with the bad stuff, and I’m all paranoid about jinxing the good, but I will say this: I’m traveling to a second interview with a supercool company, for a superextramega cool job, on Wednesday. I’ll leave it at that for now. If things go well, you’ll all be hearing about it, worry not.

In other news, the Renegade Craft Fair has been right around the corner in good old Wicker Park all weekend. The lineup is pretty sweet, and I was unable to resist buying:

  1. a t-shirt from the lovely Dana of Damned Dollies fame (you may remember Maude, the patron saint of the Den of Iniquity – she made her too)
  2. a journal with the cover (and a few interior pages) from an abysmal young adult novel entitled “What’s So Funny About the Ninth Grade?”, courtesy of the fine folk at Ex Libris Anonymous (I was really tempted by a couple of churchy books, one of which featured a two-page-wide frontspiece with a lovely rendering of the Barry-Gibb-variety Jebus, gazing out across a vast body of water, presumably contemplating taking a walk on it – but ultimately I figured I would wind up feeling kinda dirty carrying that sort of thing around with me all the time. At least with the 9th grade book, I’ll get some good looks at the coffe shop – although now that I think about it, the reaction will very likely be the same as it would have been with a Jebus book – back away slowly from the crazy lady. I can’t remember the name of the other one I was looking at, but the reason I almost bought it was for the opening paragraph of the original text, which read: “Not all of God’s people are happy. But they should be.”)
  3. a fused glass necklace from Kiku
  4. a hilariously awful orange heart-shaped pendant on a blue suede thong (my colors! how could i resist?) that reads, “i slept with him anyway”, from Bigger Krissy. Brenda and I found this irresistibly appropriate.

So now, after wandering the neighborhood, foraging for sushi and crafty items, I’m thinking it’s disco nap time. I’ve got people coming over for dinner. Hungry people. With booze. I’d better go find something for them to eat.

Oh yeah, and there was a shoe in the middle of the southeast-bound lane of Milwaukee, right by the 7-11, when I was walking home. See? It’s in the new header. I also saw the same wheelchair dude I told you about a couple of weeks ago – the one in the pink suit with the matching fedora and alligator shoes? Yeah, you remember. He wasn’t wearing the suit, and he was on the sidewalk this time instead of in the middle of Wolcott Avenue, but I’m pretty sure it was the same guy, because he was doing a wheelie. All the way down Damen. I’m impressed.