it lives!

ok, ok, yes, yes. i know. not that “the apparent demise of c-d” caused anyone any alarm or anything – really, people, i could have been bleeding in a ditch somewhere! and did you care? did you? no. harrumph.

anyway, i’m back. by way of excuse i can only offer the insanely long time it takes to get broadband hooked up in this country, in combination with the fact that there seem to be three airport networks in this building, but none of them are connected to the internet. puzzling? yes. frustrating? in the extreme. but fortunately, the wait is over.

of course, i don’t actually intend to post anything of real interest today. consider this a proof-of-life trailer of some really lame sort – but soon, i intend to regale you with:

Blood Brothers: A Review
this was, no shit, one of the three worst shows i’ve ever seen in my entire life. both of my companions to this wretched piece of shit agree. the only thing that i can think of (in other words, that i haven’t completely blocked out due to the trauma) that was worse was Starlight Express, on which i wasted three hours of my sixteenth birthday in new york. which is probably why it stuck.

Tales from the BC
we’ve moved, my division. out to scenic, desolate W12, where we have a lovely view of a prison, a really dodgy council estate, and (at a distance) wembley stadium. the building, though at first glance simply stark and depressing, offers endless amusement. yea verily, it is a theme park of modern office design. we’ve got isolation podules. we’ve got muppet walls. we’ve got cacti on wheels and a spittin’ rail and secret elevators that go nowhere in particular. we’ve got it all, folks, and we’re publishing our very own guide. soon.

while i know that things are better in threes, i’m going to leave it at two for now because i can’t think of a really good third.

but i’m back. and london still completely rocks.