requies(cat) in pace

Dear readers, I am sorry to report that it is the end of an era. The dearly loved and feared Kittenhead (aka Akasha) has passed on. She shuffled off the mortal coil on Friday 12th August, just four days after her 15th birthday. A good run of it by anyone’s standards, I’d say.

So I’d like to have a little in memoriam for the departed creature. I invite you to send me your memories and I’ll post them here. Pictures, tales, dreams, nightmares – all are welcome. Here’s the first, just to get you started, from the lovely Tinki:

So sorry to hear of your loss. Akasha was a beautiful wee thing, but frightened the shit out of me! I still have nightmares about the morning I woke up on your sofa bed, only to find her sitting on my chest staring at me, nose to nose. You said she was curious, I didn’t believe a word of it and knew she was intimidating me on purpose. I was frozen with fear and was quietly calling to you and Mike to rescue me. For even though she had been de-clawed she still had her teggies! And they fuckin’ hurt!

Remember the night of…………….’don’t shave the cat’ visions of her shaved and bald and really pissed off, putting her head in the gas oven to end it all! That was the funniest.

May she rest in kitty heaven, where she will be reunited with her claws!

Thanks, Tink. And thanks to all of you who’ve sent your warm wishes and condolences. Now make with the stories, wouldja?

Photos to come…