conversations that never happen

does it ever seem that you keep having the same conversation over and over? i seem to keep having the same one, lately, with a lot of different people. and while the topic is the same, there are countless variations – but in the end, it’s always about what doesn’t get said.

it’s never as easy as it looks in the movies, is it? fortunately it seems it’s also not quite as hard as it sounds. but we manage to make it that way… what if we said what we meant?

[scene: a man and a woman sit opposite one another in a restaurant. they are drinking coffee and have obviously been here for some time.]

he: can you really see a future for us?

she: sure. [pause] well, actually no.

he: [a bit stricken]

[end scene]

well, when can you ever see a future with anyone? and if you do, is that a good thing? so much of what we tell ourselves we want is predicated on this: is there a future here? can i see how it will turn out? when really the truth is: if it doesn’t happen the way you saw it, you’ll be disappointed. but if it does happen the way you saw it, you’ll be… bored.

just sayin’.