la familia

12 people at Family Dinner last night. I think it’s a new record – at least, it is for my house. My table’s only built to seat 10, and moreover I only have 10 appropriate chairs, so we dragged my Georgian armchair in from the living room and my rolling chair in from the office and all got to know one another really well.

Among the lot of us, we produced a few good napkins, too, although I can’t seem to remember what they were. Brain fuzzy and all that. I guess that’s to be expected, considering the quantities of wine we went through (might have been more than a case, even).

Speaking of not being very bright today, I left my lunch (yummy homemade thai dumpling soup with mushrooms and bok choi), neatly packed in tupperware and ziploc, on the floor in my front hallway. <sigh> Guess it’s back to the pirates at Zoom Kitchen…</sigh>