Things I’ve Done and Things I’ve Lost: Part 2, a double episode

To continue in the vein of losing the most irritating possible things, this time it’s my soap. Along with my soap dish. Left in the shower yesterday morning. Grr!

And another successfully broken rule:

No local dairy. Presumably because they don’t pasteurize. Nevertheless, I’ve had homemade yoghurt on two separate occasions now, and fresh milk every morning in my coffee, and have suffered no adverse effects.

(update) No fresh fruit that you didn’t peel yourself. I defy anyone to peel a pineapple as quickly and efficiently as these people with the little carts of deliciousness. Plus, it looks good and tastes even better.

On today’s agenda: the Grand Palace, Wat Pho. Maybe a nice Thai Massage. I’ll keep you posted.

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and remember some advice from our friend joe..
if a elephant approaches, do not ponder whether or not the elephant is God, or if you are God, or if God should get out of the way of God. Listen to the driver on top of God yelling at you to get out of the way.


well, love! seems the list of items im bringing builds by the day! as long as you dont lose, say, an elephant, it’ll be ok. i bet you’re just jonesin’ for a hamburger and tater tots a la eric, eh? or maybe you’re just eating some incredible tom yom soup and laughing. shit.