On a Lighter Note…

OK, so I did lose my phone in Melbourne. But aside from that, Melbourne was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time – on land, at least. I met the most amazing and insane group of people, and somehow we all clicked so well that by the time we had to start leaving we really felt like family. No offense to my family back home – this isn’t a replacement, just an extension.

I’ve got mountains of photos from our shenanigans to post, which I promise I will do just as soon as I get something to eat and do the 400 other things I have to do today. Then I’ll have to write the stories to accompany them – what I can remember of the stories, that is. It’s true that my liver has seen better days, and today sitting in Christchurch on my own I do feel a bit lonely, but my heart has been buoyed up by the experiences of the last few weeks (what an excellent birthday everyone gave me!), and I’d like to shout out a big thanks to Taylor/Tanenay, Ashley/Ashliqua, Andy/Antwon, Chris/Chrizzone, Nils, Freek, Rebecca, John and Dave. It was a wild ride, but a great one. Also, many thanks to Brahim and everyone at the Friendly Backpacker for putting up with us!

So what’s the plan for Asia, people?


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