Homeward Bound (Or, Oh Dearie Me!)

It’s really alarming how behind I am on posting. What’s even worse is the number of partially written posts that have accumulated in the Drafts area of this site. No, I’m not publishing any of them. I’ve read them and the best that can be said is that with a whole lot of editing some of them might be considered coherent. The good news is, I shall soon have lots of (free!) time to bask in the monitor’s motherly glow and fix them – not to mention all the photos I have to process. But how on earth am I going to get free Internet access, you might ask? Not How, dear reader, but Where:

I’m coming home.

I’ll be arriving at Chicago O’Hare late on Friday night, jetlagged to the bejeezus and desperate for my own rickety old fourposter. I’m hoping to put together a group to go be stylish in restaurants on Saturday night – anyone in?


  1. tinki

    Im in, but too far away to join you!
    Im soooo gonna miss reading about your adventures. Its been a joy, and an inspiration.
    Safe jouney sweetie, looking forward to catching up later this year.
    Take care
    tinki x x

  2. Niener

    Dear, so good to have you back. I would love to join you for dinner. Just give me a ring and let me know where and when (I’m assuming you have an old favorite already picked out for din-din). A visit to the Gram to see Brades following dinner?

    – David Nienhueser

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