oh no, not again

It’s unbefuckinglievable. Then again, is it? It’s appalling, that’s for sure. I’m not the first to say it, and I won’t be the last. I’ve been getting one-word emails from friends across the globe. “Satisfied?” they ask. No. As a matter of fact, I’m not. I’m depressed, and also thinking hey, great timing on my leaving the country. I may not be as eloquently bitter as some of my friends, or as amusingly dour as others – in fact, it’s hard to pinpoint how I’m feeling about this. Disassociated, certainly. The plane ticket and the job in London make that easy. Disappointed, absolutely. But not really crashingly disappointed, for all that – I don’t think I ever had quite the optimism going that a lot of my friends and acquaintances did. JT again made the point about red/blue being mirrored by rural/urban dispersion, and I suspect that it’s a lot easier to be broadly optimistic when you live in an urban center, surrounded (more or less) by like-minded folk. But I met some young, educated urbanites this very summer who thought four more years sounded like a good idea. Maybe what I’m feeling is just plain old fashioned resignation. I did what I could – I made good points in political conversations; I thought I closed my arguments. I voted. I encouraged others to do the same. And still, the problem remains.

Or maybe it’s the resignation born from bewilderment. You want to vote BC04? Because you think things are good and going to get better? Well, OK then. I suppose there’s no arguing that logic, largely because there is no logic there.