hometown boys done good (or bad)

It’s always good to see a hometown band make it all big in the scene. Well, except when that means you can’t get in to see them. This happened a couple of months back when OK Go played the Metro here on London. Who knew that they had so many (and such hot) groupies? Really? Oh. It’s just me, then.

Shortly after that gig (I did get in for the end, including the encore which consisted of a weird choreographed number on the drum riser while their latest single was played on CD), I was pointed at this video (see the previous parenthesis), and I gotta tell you: when you’re having a bad day, it’ll keep you going.

And tonight, while digging up a link for download of the aforementioned video for a friend, I discovered that Damian was arrested in Orlando. Apparently, he was arrested for being slightly too popular. Well, that’ll teach you.

Teach you to RAWK, one hopes.

See you on the 30th, boys…