Things I’ve Lost, part 3

People, take it from me. Don’t lose your plane tickets. Just don’t. They may be the most pain-in-the-ass things in the history of time to replace. And if they are lost, make sure that the city they’re lost in is the same as the city you’re in. Sounds like a no-brainer, but there it is. And I thought they’d be safer if I left them at home…


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Well, I will say that most of the airlines have been very cool about things. Except for ATA. Beware of them. But Garuda and Air New Zealand have been really cool. Don’t think Miss Weeza lost them, either, that was my unfortunate doing. So those of you that know me are more than welcome to give me a swift kick in the backside!

2003-02-14 10:52:03

Miss Weeza

No worries, Rob. I’ll just put it on my long, long list of reasons to hate Microsoft. Thanks for the chat and the well wishes! Keep in touch!

2003-02-14 00:28:16


Doh! Sorry we got cut off on MSN Messenger. I hope you get your plane tickets back and that it all works out for the best. I just read through a few of your latest postings. Very cool stuff you’re seeing.

2003-02-14 00:08:49