This makes me very angry:

“Rumsfeld is saying the Taliban’s (claim of civilian deaths) is ‘ridiculous, ‘ but I see with my own eyes (on Al Jazeera) a poor man crying in his village. I see where more than 140 people have been killed,” Shaker said.

Read the article here. Also, thanks to Phineas, I have finally found an articulation of that nameless lumpy thing that’s been waking me in the middle of the night, by my new favourite columnist.

Despite all of this ickiness, it is a good day. I have slept, I have rested. I no longer feel sickly and weak and have sad sad German poetry in my head. And no, Andreas, the rabbit sex didn’t help. So there.


  1. stephen

    well, we all know a government’s automatic reaction to either something bad it did or something bad thats happening to it: complete denial.

    which makes all the press conferences, etc, a bit suspect.

    its sort of like getting a bunch of 8 year olds together that were fighting and asked who started it.

    “He did-”

    “No, he did-”

    etc, etc.

    seems the truth is a rare thing right now. and after that debacle with cnn showing that old footage, seems time to scramble and find the bbc news. turner can bite my ass.

  2. Andreas

    well, no more rabbits in compromising positions for you then


    But seriously, I like the column a lot. The only thing I would like to say in Cnn’s defense is that they *didn’t* show old footage. That was a hoax, originating in the University of Birmingham, UK.

  3. steven

    ah, seems it is. i retract that statement then..suppose its better to be disappointed in a news agency than civilians. altho,

    im sure some people in this country are celebrating our own killing. it really doesnt stop, does it?

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