year’s end, part 1

Tonight it is very cold outside and there is a bitter wind. This morning it was warm. This afternoon there was a hailstorm that, from my office window, looked like snow. Tonight, I am listening to Sade and thinking this:

a wind has blown the rain away and blown

the sky away and all the leaves away,

and the trees stand. I think i too have known

autumn too long

(and what have you to say,

wind wind wind–did you love somebody

and have you the petal of somewhere in your heart

pinched from the dumb summer?

O crazy daddy

of death dance cruelly for us and start

the last leaf whirling in the final brain

of air!) Let us as we have seen see

doom’s integration …………..a wind has blown the rain

away and the leaves and the sky and the

trees stand:

the trees stand. The trees,

suddenly wait against the moon’s face.

[e.e. cummings]


  1. Andreas


              Fetter grüne, du Laub,

    Am Rebengeländer

    Hier mein Fenster herauf!

    Gedrängter quellet,

    Zwillingsbeeren, und reifet

    Schneller und glänzend voller!

    Euch brütet der Mutter Sonne

    Scheideblick, euch umsäuselt

    Des holden Himmels

    Fruchtende Fülle;

    Euch kühlet des Mondes

    Freundlicher Zauberhauch,

    Und euch betauen, ach!

    Aus diesen Augen

    Der ewig belebenden Liebe

    Vollschwellende Tränen.


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